Porting C++ app to VTK.js

We have an app written in C++ using Qt. The app used ITK to produce nrrd files and then uses VTK to render dicomm files with the nrrd files on top of them. We want to port this to a web app. Anyone have any experience doing this? Any pointers or references to docs? We want to try and leverage as much of our existing code as possible. Thanks!

You may want to have a look at these tutorials for inspiration:

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Beware that we don’t have a 1 to 1 capability mapping between VTK/C++ and VTK/js but with the itk.js infrastructure we have some path to convert C++ code to web assembly. (We’ve mostly used it for the readers)

Now that’s said, we have a pretty neat OpenSource application (ParaView Glance) leveraging itk.js + vtk.js which provides some good features for medical datasets that is fully client based. This can be a good project for reference.

Also, depending of the amount of data and processing that you want to handle, you might need a server with ITK and/or VTK. And a ParaViewWeb type of infrastructure could be meaningful.

In general, if you need help, Kitware can provide support and/or development. On top of maintaining those OpenSource frameworks, we are helping customers to build or migrate their application using our Web solutions.

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