Recording or taking screenshots of Tait-Bryan Rotation on Object in VTK

Hi, I am trying to record or take screenshot of rotating multiple objects (head, tumor, etc.) in tait-bryan/euler fashion with specific angles. However, I can only find camera rotation for VTK, which is not what I wanted because that would create a completely different outcome…Is there a way for me to do what I am trying to do in VTK, or should I use a different python package for tait-bryan rotation?

Thank you so much for your help!!

Take a look at vtkTransformFilter and vtkTransform. Instances of vtkActor can accept a vtkTransform (applied to the actor, not the camera). You can use vtkTransformFilter to create a transformed version of the underlying data.

Thank you for your help! I actually used both vtkTransformFilter and vtkTransform for the actor, yet the camera was the one rotating instead…I explained this issue with the code in the post link below. If you have time, would you mind if you could help me with this issue?

Hope you had a great Christmas!